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Bathroom Etiquette

Friday, February 29th, 2008

You are asking right about now, “Why on earth would you post an article about bathroom etiquette?” Well honestly, I couldn’t pass up the moment to share with you what I read this morning as I opened up my email. I think it fits this blog to a ‘T’.

Each week I am graced in my email with advice from Women’s Health Magazine and today in the most recent newsletter was The WH Bathroom Etiquette Guide. Basically, WH wants readers to sound off about what ticks them off in an office bathroom, so they decided to share their top 10 with you. I think each of us can find something common in their list.

I will tell you right now, one of my biggest pet peeves is listed as number 1. Yes, I hate when the loose end of the TP hits the wall. I am a “end outy” kind of person. This is at home and at work, so much to the fact that I will take the TP off the holder and turn it around. Talk about some OCD. Another biggy, why leave the empty roll on the holder? You see that it is gone, you used the last of it. Replace it!

OK, enough of me and my why-oh-why bathroom talk – now go sound off! WH wants to know what rubs you raw in the bathroom, go for it!

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New Style Board

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Clipboards are a great, useful addition to your office tools. Always at the ready, your clipboard can act as a mobile desk when you need to walk the floor, take inventory, or just need a hard surface to write on.

Mini ClipboardsClip Boards

Clipboard Large

You can find these cool tools at through Debby Arem Designs. Offered in mini, which is perfect for small note pads, like our lovely can’t-live-without sticky notes; medium, which fit our typical note pads and notebook paper; and large, which can easily fit a legal pad. These cool boards not only look very office-stylish, they are helping out our environment since they are built with recycled circuit boards.

Debby Arem definitely has creativeness within her to create not only a great product, but to use recycled resources to build her idea. I am definitely getting me some of the minis, those are an awesome tid bit to have in the office, plus my daughter will love them.

Stop by Debby’s shop and pick you up a great office tool!

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Top 5 Productivity Tools to Use

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Regardless of how you work – corporate, home office, or freelancer – the following items will be positive tools to add to your arsenal of productivity weapons.  I use each item on the list and together they perform to give me a solid foundation to handle projects and clients.

1. A must for a home office or freelancer – PC and Internet. I use a laptop and wireless cable. This gives me the most flexibility, so that I am able to move about in my home, as well as the advantage of taking my laptop on the go so that I can blog while I travel.

2. The loud thinker is what I call this tool, you know it as a whiteboard. Have you ever seen House? Well, Dr. House thinks out loud – he uses the whiteboard to write out thoughts and then creates a sort of flow chart with them. I use the same concept.

3. With the amount of blogs I work on, I have to keep a calendar of my schedule, what is being written, and deadlines. You can call it a planning calendar, many call it an editorial calendar, regardless of the name you want to use, the purpose is to keep track of every project going on.

4. Laugh all you want, but a simple notepad and pen is an awesome tool. When I am on the go, I usually have an idea, see something, or have people throw information at me, so I take out the notepad and jot it down. 

5. Another tool that I should use more than what I do is a timer. Timing is priority when you have deadlines to meet. Morning planning, reviewing e-mails, making telephone calls, reading sites and blogs, these are all things that need to be timed and monitored so that most of your time goes to producing quality projects for your clients or company.

Now of course these are my top 5, but a top 5 that many others may be using. What is your top 5?

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Manage the Paper

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Are you the organized pile filer that knows exactly where every piece of paper is until you need it? I am too, but no need to worry, it is easy to convert your creative filing style to a simple, basic filing system.

Filing products galore can be found virtually everywhere, from national chains like Office Depot and Staples to your local office supply store. There are also a ton of web sites that offer a great amount of office supplies including furniture that is both stylish and functional.

Choosing the best filing system all depends on how you work. Do you like to keep current projects in front of you? Do you like to have a clean, uncluttered desk at the end of the day? Using your personal preferences will help you determine the best way to file to keep you current, yet uncluttered.

1. Choose your filing system. Using a desk filing system will keep current projects or client in front of you at all times. This will also allow for easy access to your files. Using a filing cabinet will help you to keep projects as you complete them, as well as archive older projects and clients that are hardly to never accessed. Make sure which ever system is chosen, will stand up to wear and tear and constant abuse from opening and shutting.

Desk File Ladder Filing Cabinet

2. Location. You should be able to easily access your files, but not to the extent that your system is in your way; your system should not interfere with your work. Pick a location in the corner of your desk or under your desk, so files are kept close, but out of the way. If you use a cabinet for only archiving, you may want to keep it located in a basement, unseen.

3. Filing. Instead of filing throughout the day have a drop location where finalized projects and work can accumulate. Then once per week or month, take your drop location and file. If you notice you are spending too much time at your scheduled filing time, you may want to move to a more frequent filing schedule.

4. Review & Recycle. Pick a schedule, maybe every two or three months – more or less – and review your files. Decide what really should be kept, the rest can go through the recycle program – shred it and then take it to a local vet or recycling center.

5. Archive. Again, on a regular schedule, remove those files that are a must keep, but are no longer looked at and move them to a drawer or cabinet reserved for archived folders. This is the out-of-the-way cabinet kept in the basement, unseen.

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