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Shredder Scissors

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Here at The Office Gal we love products. Neat products, weird products – but all are products that will help our office out a bit better. What else do we love – free products – but we don’t get many of those, so we settle for inexpensive.

Shred Scissors Well, an item that is inexpensive, takes up no space, uses only man-power, and is a priceless necessity in the office, that item would be Shredder Scissors. Yes, scissors that will shred all of the important items and a fraction of a cost to electric shredders. With five blades, anything can be shredded, even those pesky credit cards.

Yes, it does take some manual power to use this shredder, but it is light-weight and quick to use. Stashed right there in your desk this is a smart alternative to to large bulky shredders when you really have no space for another office tool. Definitely a positive tool for the small home office or one person team.

The downside to using the Shredder Scissors is you will need to shred documents as you go or at least once per day. The plus side is that you won’t have pesky piles of paper accumulated in the corner. Plus, you won’t spend hours at a time trying to get everything shredded.

Remember, I said at a fraction of the cost of shredders? At around $8.00 the purchase price is about half the price of an inexpensive small electric shredder.

Time to go shopping! Take a peek here @ to pick you up a pair of scissors that shred!

Do you have an item that is perfect for the office – any size or type office? We would love to feature it at The Office Gal, just let us know!

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The Office Gal Link Love #7

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Here we go! A new week full of great reads around the office. There are some tips on being productive, how to gain a promotions, and even how to use web video to your advantage.

And of course there is the light reading on how to use the little items around the office – like paper clips and staples – to help you out in a jam.

So here ya go! I hope you all find something useful in the links I provided, I know I did.

And as always, if you have a link that you feel would be great to feature in our weekly link love, please let us know!

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Pretty Bulletin Boards

Friday, June 13th, 2008

The Office Gal loves items that are personally made because they will give your office a great home-made feel, plus they will perk up the look as well. That is exactly what you will get when you purchase from the Little Pretty Studio at

The Little Pretty Studio offers unique, pretty bulletin boards that not only will give you some color within a drab office, but will keep you a tad bit organized. The use for a board can range from the little notes you constantly lose, to a broad spectrum of family photos or kiddos art work! bulletin boards are:

  • Handmade, stamped, and numbered
  • Bright, bold patterns
  • Size are 14 in, 12 in, 9 in, 6 in
  • Prices anywhere from $12.50 to $32.00 (shipping extra)
  • Custom work can be arranged

Don’t need a board for your office? These would make great gift ideas with family photos all around. Just take your favorites photos, attach to the board and you can give your love montage to family all over!

Stop by the Little Pretty Studio and make your purchase today!

Do you have an item that is perfect for the office – any size or type office? We would love to feature it at The Office Gal, just let us know!

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Home Office Filing Cabinets: Organization at Its Best

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Whether your home office is where you conduct your business or just where you go to pay your bills, it is important to have a filing cabinet that keeps your paperwork and records in order. A good filing cabinet can save you time and money through proper organization. Plus, it can keep your office clutter free and offer you storage space.

Any home office has three types of filing in which at least one filing cabinet is necessary. Knowing how much space you will need for each type of filing will help you determine what type of filing cabinet you should purchase. Most home offices will have archive files, current files, and active files. Whether you are using your filing cabinet for your household or business records, your paperwork will fall into any one of these categories.

Knowing how much space you will need to store this paperwork will also help you find the right filing cabinet. A small filing cabinet usually comes with one or two filing drawers while others come with four to six drawers. Based upon the type of business you conduct in your home office, you may even need filing drawers that are capable of holding legal size files. Once you know approximately how many file drawers you may need, you also need to make an assessment of your available office space.

How much space is available in your home office will help you determine if you need a vertical or horizontal file cabinet. A horizontal file cabinet will be longer, but take up more wall space, while a vertical file cabinet can squeeze into smaller spaces. There are also file cabinets that fit under tables and desks that can be space savers.

How you place your file cabinets is also important in choosing the right file cabinet for your home office. Make sure you place your file cabinet so that open drawers do not pose risks to people walking in or around your home office. Also, you will want to be sure your file cabinet is in a space where the drawers can open and close easily.

Once you know the purpose and space you have available for your file cabinet, you can then begin to focus on style and craftsmanship. There are a variety of styles available from the traditional metal filing cabinets to well-crafted wood filing cabinets. When you shop for your filing cabinet, you will want to make sure it is constructed well so that it stands the test of time, as well as fitting well and looking right in your space.

This article was originally posted at and written by Matt Boyce of

For some fun, funky office filing, try the Iris Filing Cabinet. These stylish cabinets are built with two or three drawers and the drawers are mixed between supply and filing. You can purchase in one of the four colors offered – black, green, orange, and silver – as well as determine if you want a lock or not.

The downside that I found on these cutesy filing units, they start at $725.00. The upside, they are metal and will last longer than you, so the high price could very well be worth it in the long run.

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